Colour Correcting for that Even Looking Skin!

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Colour correcting has resurfaced as a makeup trend this year, and numerous companies came out with color correcting palettes and products to make it easy for anyone to try color correcting for themselves.

Lets break down the idea of color correcting and make it super easy for anyone who wants to give it a go! So who’s color correcting for? Really, anyone! If you have some discoloration, spots you want to hide, dark circles under your eyes or uneven skin tone, using a color correction method under your makeup can seriously do wonders!

Most of the time people get overwhelmed by the colors and don’t really know where to start and what colors to use where. As an easy reference, here are the basics of colour correcting:

colour correcting 1

Step One: Prime your face before getting started. You can even use a light moisturizer to prime your face before applying makeup.

Step Two: Lets first address address the dark blue/purple area/dark circles around the eyes eyes. If you are using a cream product, dab your fingers in it to help apply to the area and blend in lightly. The trick is to not apply too much and not too little, just enough to cover the area until you no longer see the problem color coming through. It’s OK if it leaves the color on your face, don’t worry, we’ll get it covered up.

Step Three: Use a concealer closest to your skin tone, and blend out the under eye area to help the slight dark circles in that area.

Step Four: The green shade helps even out redness. If you tend to have a lot of hormonal redness on your face, use your fingers and a brush to lightly apply the green in those red areas.

Step Five: Using a beauty blender, apply your foundation over the colour correcting. After this step, you shouldn’t see the color correcting you’ve done, instead you should have a very even look to your skin.

Step Six: To add brightness, apply concealer over your foundation where your face naturally has the most light (like under eyes, bridge of nose, forehead, chin etc.)

And we are done! This will give you a very even but one dimensional look, so its highly suggested to add a little color back into those cheeks with some contouring, blush and highlight.

Watch the video below for detailed visual guide on how to do basic colour correcting at home.

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